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  • Annual maintenance of your LEO system
  • Refresher course for your staff
  • Layout check

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Your annual LEO CARE inspection service

Perfect your LEO AGV system by booking the optional LEO CARE service package. The package includes one annual inspection of your LEO AGV system to ensure trouble-free operation. Added to this are refresher courses to keep your staff informed about the latest developments. Since both your LEO system requirements and the complexity of your working environment are likely to increase, you will also benefit from layout checks. This guarantees that your BITO LEO system remains efficient despite subsequent layout adjustments.

Full LEO CARE service package

Optionally, customers can book the full maintenance package valid over the complete duration of use of LEO. In addition to the advantages of LEO CARE mentioned above, we warrant product performance over the entire contract period with optional replacement of wear and tear parts. On top of this, customers can also choose between a 24h or a 72h service option.

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