LEO locative – The automated alternative for transporting loads in your warehouse or factory

  • Autonomously operating transport system for moving loads in bins and cartons
  • No expensive software architecture required – no need for WLAN or a central host computer
  • Easy to install and to operate
  • Fast return on investment

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What can LEO locative do?

LEO locative is an automated guided vehicle that will move bins, cartons and trays around your facility. There is no need for a dedicated IT connection. The system can be implemented, extended and upgraded by the customer without external help. One of the special features of the system is the load pick-up and hand-over mechanism in a coordinated action between transporter and transfer station. When passing through a station, LEO hands over and picks up loads without any loss of time.

  • Maximum load capacity 35kg
  • No IT connection required
  • Patented transfer system for load pick-up and drop-off

LEO locative links manufacturing areas with assembly stations

For which applications can LEO locative be used?

LEO locative is a valuable help in production and distribution logistics

    • LEO connects manufacturing areas with order picking stations

    • LEO supports decentralised order picking

    • LEO supplies raw materials to machines

    • LEO brings empty bins

    • LEO carries away goods/materials

Other areas of application

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LEO locative is a patented integrated system consisting of a transporter body, a transfer station and a control system.

The transporter automatically picks up or deposits bins and cardboard boxes at the LEO transfer stations. Optionally, LEO can also be unloaded and loaded manually by an order picker. Loads are transported at an ergonomic height so they can be conveniently handled manually if a station is serviced by an order picker. Otherwise, bin collection and delivery at a transfer station is a fully automated process with a mechanically supported loading/unloading function. If more space is needed for multiple bin handling, a buffer roller lane can be mounted to the transfer station providing enough room for LEO to deposit or collect several bins at the same station without the need for human intervention. The LEO locative package is a safe, CE-certified comprehensive solution.

  • Transport vehicle

    The LEO transporter delivers and picks up loads by simply driving through a LEO transfer station. Even empty cardboard boxes remain safely in position during the journey.

    LEO locative has been optimised for use with bins and cardboard boxes.

  • Transfer stations and pusher mechanism

    LEO transfer stations have been designed to pick up loads from the LEO vehicle platform and to pass loads on to LEO. Sensors permanently check whether a bin or a box is on the station and in the correct position so that it is ready for being picked up by LEO. Transfer stations are available as a single station or a double station for simultaneously picking up and dropping off loads.

    Load transfer is induced automatically by the spring-loaded pusher mechanism that communicates with the transfer station; the transfer itself is carried out with mechanical support. For this purpose, the pusher on the transporter is either folded down to clear the way for removing a bin from the LEO platform or held in upright position to help pulling a bin onto the platform.

  • Electronic control system

    LEO receives its driving commands through so-called markers, which are simply taped next to the lane. The markers contain commands in five identical data matrix codes that are read and executed by LEO. In addition to the markers, there are other ways to control the LEO system. Using a Smartbox as a decentralized control system, LEO can be assigned various destinations. In addition, the Smartbox regulates traffic in such a way that collisions with other LEO vehicles do not occur at intersections or in narrow spaces.

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