LEO custom perfectly adapts to your processes

  • Basic driving unit accommodates customised on-top load carriers
  • Operators can integrate their own control panels and sensor systems
  • Serial interface for customised solutions

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What is LEO custom?

LEO custom is a self-guided automated transport unit designed for accommodating customised on-top load carriers. These are fitted onto the perforated mounting plate that can be adapted to your needs. For example, the on-top carrying frame for bins, boxes or packaging units can be adjusted in height. You could also choose to use LEO custom as a towing AGV.

  • Load capacity / towing capacity of 55 kg max.
  • Electronic interface
  • 7 inch display

LEO custom helps to streamline your manufacturing and material flow processes

LEO custom AGV: Watch product presentation

With LEO custom, a new member has been added to the LEO AGV family: this transport unit accommodates a customisable on-top frame

Product launch: Watch the interview with our LEO Product manager

At the LogiMAT.digital 2021, BITO presented their new product to support the automation of material transport in manufacturing environments: LEO custom.

For which applications can LEO custom be used?

LEO custom can be adapted and used for various applications

    • Mobile assembly line

    LEO custom can be equipped with an on-top fixture that exactly fits the assembly group to be moved from one work station to the next. Even longer distances between stations can be bridged cost-efficiently.

    • Mobile buffer stock

    LEO custom can be used as a link between two production steps. While the products or assembly groups are on the move, LEO acts as a buffer store. If, for example, several product variants are being handled, LEO can be programmed for re-sequencing deliveries to work stations while moving to the next station.

    • Order picking

    LEO custom is ideal for supporting multi-order picking. Picked items are collected on carts and when order collation is finished, the carts will be tugged to the packing stations. It is also possible to mount shelving on the LEO custom transport body for moving express delivery items directly to a packing station.

    • Returns management

    LEO custom transport units can be programmed to drive returned items from the goods-in department to designated rework stations or pull containers with processed goods into the warehouse.

    • Supplying production lines

    LEO can be used for connecting a storage area or a small parts picking area with assembly stations, such as for towing carts loaded with assembly material to the workstations.

Further areas of use and applications

LEO custom adapts to your requirements

  • How can LEO custom be adapted to customer specific requirements?

    There are two possibilities for making individual adjustments. A perforated mounting plate with regularly spaced drill holes accommodates on-top frames. A 64-pin Harting connector enables the connection of additional sensors, actuators or operating terminals to the transporter.

  • Who can make adjustments?

    LEO custom can be personalised either by the customer or by BITO. For use in the production & assembly environment, customisation is made by the customer.

    BITO is happy to offer customisation as a service, especially for the e-commerce / logistics sector. This service includes the design, assembly and launch of LEO custom at the customer's premises. BITO also provides the safety documentation required by law.

  • How do we establish CE compliance?

    LEO custom is delivered with a Declaration of Incorporation as standard. Together with this declaration, customers are given access to the BITO risk analysis which includes a description of the system limits to enable customers to evaluate their own adjustments. Subsequently, CE conformity is ensured by the customer himself.

    Optionally, a customer project can also be obtained as a complete CE compliant package.

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  • Tugger AGV for pulling carts or for transporting assembly units

  • Ideal for connecting pick stations in e-commerce businesses

  • Customised on-top frames for use in production environments such as for moving bumpers

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