Applications in e-commerce / logistics

  • Moving goods from order picking stations to the packaging area
  • Multiple-zone picking
  • Compatible with automated storage installations

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BITO LEO transporters have already convinced a large number of customers with many solutions in various fields of application in the logistics and e-commerce sector. With the aim of meeting the needs of our customers and adapt to the dynamic market conditions, we are constantly developing our products to expand our product family. In order to offer a solution for diverse applications, our BITO LEO range consists of three transporter options.

Whether you opt for LEO locative, LEO custom or LEO flow - our LEO AGVs will meet almost every need when it comes to automating material flow.

  • LEO locative is ideal for carrying trays, bins and cardboard boxes
  • LEO custom is ideal for customers who need a bespoke solution to optimise their workflow
  • LEO flow is ideal for all applications with rigid-base packaging units in combination with conveyor technology

Applications in various areas of logistics/e-commerce

  • Moving goods from order picking stations to the packaging area

    A usual scenario will have staff picking orders into bins, cartons or depositing picked items on a picking cart. The picked goods must then be moved to packing or finishing stations.

    This is where the BITO LEO AGV comes into play: LEO will assume material transport, thus saving operators miles of walking distance.

  • Multiple-zone picking

    In multi-tier installations or shelving installations, picking is carried out in multiple zones on one or more levels. New goods or empty packaging/bins/picking carts must be delivered to the zones and picked goods must be collected and moved to a conveyor system or to packaging/shipping stations.

    The BITO LEO AGV system will reliably take over these material transports. LEO locative stations can be installed on the front side of a storage installation; likewise, empty picking carts can be moved there or collected from there.

  • Compatibility with automated storage systems

    In today's world, warehouse automation is on the increase. This is reflected in the use of miniload systems, warehouse lifts, paternoster elevators and autostore systems. Regardless of their high level of automation, warehouses must be connected to the goods-in and goods-out department, as well as to assembly and production.

    All of these routes can be operated autonomously with the LEO transporter. By establishing direct communication between the AS/RS controller and the LEO system, automated storage systems and LEO are a perfect match as has already been proven in several projects.

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