Take first steps into Industry 4.0 with LEO locative

  • Short travel times and reduced waiting times
  • Fast and easy supply of assembly places
  • LEO does not require external IT and technical support

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About the customer

SKF Lubrications Systems GmbH in Berlin, a division of SKF, builds customised centralized lubrication systems. A wide variety of components are required for production - around 70,000 active master records for vendor parts have to be managed. There are approximately 19,000 items in stock. Parts that are not in stock must always be reordered.

Initial situation and customer requirements

    • In the past, ordered parts and components were packed on pallets by our goods-in staff
    • Only fully loaded pallets were delivered to the assembly stations
    • It would usually take some time until there was enough material to fully load a pallet. This resulted in extended waiting times
    • Take the next step into the direction of Industry 4.0
    • Continue on the path of lean transformation at the Berlin plant
    • Quick and efficient supply of the assembly lines for pump units with parts and components weighing up to 30 kg
    • Optimise value-adding processes by automating in-house transport routes
    • Reduce in-house transport times - especially waiting times and travel times
    • Possibility to adapt the transport system to operational requirements
    • High degree of flexibility
    • Easy-to-realise solution
    • Cost effective acquisition

The BITO Solution

    • LEO locative – The automated guided bin transporter

    » For transporting the lightweight bins and cardboard boxes, two LEO locative AGVs are in non-stop use to connect the workstations with each other

    • Transfer stations

    » The LEO transporters collect or deliver bins from the transfer stations that have been positioned according to customer requirements

    • Easy installation and operation

    » LEO operates on a 300-meter-circuit which has been marked on the shop floor by the customer using coloured adhesive tape included in the LEO starter kit

    • Cost-efficient solution

    » There is no need to buy a vulnerable, expensive system. LEO AGVs are available at a very attractive price and can be programmed and operated without special knowledge or complicated maintenance

Customer benefits

    • Enormous time savings: LEO transports materials and goods arriving at the goods-in department straight to the assembly station(s) in a three-minute cycle
    • Short travel times and reduced waiting times: Both AGVs complete their circuits every six minutes
    • Each LEO locative AGV travels about 40 km per day, at a speed of one meter per second
    • Quick and easy supply of assembly stations: LEO collects bins filled with parts and components at a pick-up station and delivers them to the designated drop-off station
    • The system can be installed and modified by the customer without external IT and technical support
    • No WLAN or WIFI connection necessary

That's what our customer says

We were looking for a system that would help us to reduce in-house transport times – especially waiting and travel times. The system was supposed to be adaptable to operational needs, have a high degree of flexibility, be easy to implement and come at an affordable price. LEO locative meets all these requirements.

Thomas Lehnigk, Manager of the SFK division Logistic Plant Berlin

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