Applications in manufacturing environments

  • LEO delivers goods from production lines to the warehouse
  • LEO moves materials from a factory floor supermarket / work preparation department to the manufacturing lines
  • LEO can be used as a mobile conveyor / mobile warehouse

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The right solution for your needs

BITO LEO transporters have already convinced a large number of customers with many solutions in various fields of application in the manufacturing sector. With the aim of meeting the needs of our customers and adapt to the dynamic market conditions, we are constantly developing our products to expand our product family. In order to offer a solution for diverse applications, our BITO LEO range consists of three transporter options.

Whether you opt for LEO locative, LEO custom or LEO flow - our LEO AGVs will meet almost every need when it comes to automating material flow.

  • LEO locative is ideal for carrying trays, bins and cardboard boxes
  • LEO custom is ideal for customers who need a bespoke solution to optimise their workflow
  • LEO flow is ideal for applications that include conveyor technology

Applications at various stages of the manufacturing process

  • LEO delivers goods from production lines to the warehouse

    Production machines and manufacturing lines must always be supplied with raw materials, semi-finished products and tools. The manufactured parts must then be transported to the next production step(s) for further processing or to the goods-out area. In addition, waste materials or quality samples have to be transported. BITO LEO AGVs will reliably provide repetitive and efficient movement of all materials without human intervention. There is no need for your staff to waste time on repetitive tasks or covering miles of walking distance. LEO AGVs can either be loaded manually or connected to machines through transfer stations.

  • LEO moves materials from a factory floor supermarket / work preparation department to the manufacturing lines

    To avoid production downtimes, assembly lines must be continuously supplied with materials. These are often pre-picked in so-called supermarkets and then transported to the lines in bins, on rolling carts or special trolleys. Once empty, they must then be returned to the warehouse to be filled again.

    BITO LEO AGVs offer a range of options for automating these transports.

  • LEO custom is an excellent alternative to conveyors

    Assembly lines are often used in production environments to connect several production steps. However, the investment is significant and conveyor routing cannot be easily changed. This is why AGVs with a loading platform are increasingly taking over the function of assembly lines.

    LEO custom has been designed for accommodating an on-top construction that perfectly fits your application. LEO will assume the function of a conventional conveyor without occupying floor space. Moreover, LEO custom can perform additional tasks such as removing finished goods to the goods-out area.

  • LEO custom can be used as a “mobile warehouse”

    Many production and assembly processes require intermediate product buffering, because products must be re-sequenced, cool down or mature. In this field, too, BITO LEO AGVs have already proven their worth. A customer in the automotive sector uses LEO for transporting bumpers that need to be re-sorted for the paint shop after the molding process.

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