Upon request, we provide installation support and staff training on the system

  • Layout planning
  • Installation and start-up
  • Modification and extension
  • Follow-up training for operating and service staff

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Planning, installation, training

To ensure that your system works as intended, our experts plan your layout together with you. This includes taking into account your on-site conditions as well as your specific requirements. When everything is settled, you will receive a layout that meets your requirements and achieves maximum efficiency.

After your layout has been finalised, your new system will be set up and put into operation. You can either do this yourself or your can charge us with implementing the layout. If we take charge of the assembly, we will carry out various test runs before handing the system over to you so you are sure to receive a smoothly running system. The scope of our set-up service also includes a training session on the system for your staff. We will explain the basics of the system to you and your staff, such as path laying and navigation with markers. You will also learn everything about the LEO vehicles, LEO stations and Smartbox functions. Your team will thus be optimally prepared for successfully handling the BITO LEO AGV system.

Flexibility and scalability are two major advantages of the BITO LEO AGVs. This means you can extend or rebuild your layout at any time if necessary. Of course, we also provide planning and implementation support in this case.

Should you require follow-up training for your operating and service staff, we will be happy to make an appointment.

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