LEO safety features

  • Obstacle detection sensor to prevent accidents
  • Acoustic and visual warning signals draw attention
  • Developed in close cooperation with the BGHW, the German Statutory Accident Prevention Association for companies and their employees in trade and logistics.

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Safety features of the LEO AGV

LEO comes with a lot of safety features to prevent accidents

Safety was key when developing the LEO transporter.

BITO LEO is equipped with a variety of sensors and safety features. LEO detects obstacles and automatically travels on once the obstacle has been removed. Acoustic and visual signals increase staff awareness even in noisy and dark working environments. The transfer stations have been integrated into the safety concept: the transporters drive into the station at reduced speed to prevent injuries when removing the bins. Permanent space monitoring of the bin positions ensures safe operation. Two-way communication between LEO and the transfer stations prevents LEO vehicles from entering a station that is already occupied.

The system was developed in close cooperation with the German BGHW and meets ISO 3691-4:2020 standards for driverless transport systems. BITO LEO transporters meet the safety requirements of the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


Safety is a top priority for BITO LEO

Automatic stop function

If LEO cannot detect an optical track, it stops automatically. At SKF Lubrications Systems GmbH in Berlin, the LEO AGV scores big.

LEO transporters have been designed with safety in mind

Here are just a few features of our safety package:

    • Object detection system

    Sensors detect any object in the AGV path and brake the vehicle in time. The environment perception fields are variable. LEO will not resume operations again until the object has been moved out of the way.

    • Foam shock absorber

    The redundant collision avoidance system to protect persons is complemented by a foam shock absorber.

    • LEO stops automatically if the optical track cannot detected

    In case that an optical track is not detected, the vehicle stops automatically after 0.5 metres maximum.

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