Your space-saving solution for moving goods and materials

  • Powered rollers will convey loads sideways
  • Compatible with many commercially available conveyor solutions
  • LEO flow moves around in logistics and manufacturing areas - no need for a stationary, space-consuming conveyor system

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What is LEO flow?

LEO flow is part of the LEO product family. The standard LEO transporter body is “roofed” by a loading platform consisting of powered rollers that allow the lateral pick-up and delivery of bins and cardboard boxes. This makes LEO flow ideal for serving existing conveyor systems or automatically operated workstations. In addition, LEO flow can connect different conveyor systems. The roller platform for loads can be adjusted in height to perfectly match the height of a wide range of conveyor systems.

  • Load capacity 35 kg
  • For loads sized 800 x 600mm
  • Roller platform adjusts in height

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How does LEO flow work?

LEO flow does not need transfer stations

  • Load recognition

    Assisted by three load sensors, LEO flow can recognise the status and position of bins and cardboard boxes. LEO flow recognises whether the bin is in a correct position or whether it is being picked up from the right or left side. LEO flow also recognises whether a bin is being moved to the left or right side.

  • Load pick-up and drop-off

    With its powered rollers LEO flow can transfer loads to the right as well as to the left. This also allows LEO flow to pick up loads from other conveyor systems.

  • Height adjustment

    The LEO flow on-top construction height is standardised. Optionally, the transporter can be equipped with a dynamic and automatic height adjustment mechanism to bridge up to 300 mm in height.

  • Energy supply

    The transporter body as well as its on-top construction get their energy from the LEO battery. For ideal performance, we recommend automatic battery charging.

Other areas of application

The Smartbox acts as an interface between LEO flow and your conveyor system

To optimise communication between LEO flow and your conveyor system, the Smartbox is connected to your conveyor system. In this way, LEO is informed whether the conveyor belt is occupied and whether it is possible to receive or pass on loads. Likewise, by means of an external control system, information on LEO destinations can be retrieved from the Smartbox.

To ensure that LEO flow knows at all times whether loads can be picked up or passed on, the loading status is permanently checked using various light reflection sensors. Communication is realised through the Smartbox.

In addition, LEO flow can optionally be supplied with various push buttons. By pressing the push buttons, a variety of commands can be triggered, such as starting up from a standstill or moving to selected destinations.

The Smartbox can also be connected with the push buttons, which will call or activate LEO flow within a range of about 10 metres.

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